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  • The State of Tamil Nadu is a pioneer in providing efficient, safe, affordable, comfortable, reliable and sustainable access for the growing number of people to jobs, education, recreation and such other needs within the cities, and rural people to reach cities/towns and also all parts of the State through a well connected reliable road transport connectivity.

  • The State Transport Undertaking provide bus connectivity to the villages which have a minimum population of 1000 in the State.

  • Almost all areas in urban habitations, inter-district and inter-state to the neighbouring states are connected on a wider scale and transported about 1.7 Crore passengers per day during normal period.

  • The State Transport Undertakings transported about 0.7 Crore per day in the year 2020-2021 due to Covid-19 pandemic and had increased to 1.21 Crore per day in the year 2021-2022, and after relaxation of all Covid-19 restrictions in March-2022, the passenger ridership has increased to 1.55 Crore per day.

  • The State Transport Undertakings by and large have accomplished its responsibilities by way of operating various types of bus services with affordable fare structure as town, intra-city, inter-city, inter-State and transporting about 1.68 crore people per day.

Fare Free Travel for Women Passengers

  • To empower women through greater access to jobs and education and to promote public transport, a pioneering effort of providing “No fare Bus Service to Women in Town Buses across the State” as announced in the election manifesto by the Hon‘ble Chief Minister has been implemented and the same facility is extended to the transgenders and escorts of the person with disability of 40% and above.

  • The No fare travel scheme for women to travel free of charge in ordinary fare town buses (white board) in all State Transport Undertakings is to achieve social inclusion of women by facilitating greater mobility and financial sustainability.

  • 7,164 ordinary town buses are being operated across the State of Tamil Nadu and about 41 lakhs women use the buses daily.

  • This No fare travel scheme will improve women's access to work, education, health and recreation.

Technology Adoption in STUs

  • The Government has initiated efforts to roll out BS VI compliant diesel buses and electric buses during this year along with introduction of Information Technology, Information Technology enabled services and Intelligent Transport Systems for bus tracking, passenger information system, ticket payment system etc. and also initiated efforts to ensure safety of women and children travelling in buses, through a series of measures.

  • The Road map and future Policies of the Transport Department will transform the State Transport Undertakings into a better position in the Country in all aspects and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for the year 2030.

  • The Transport Department fulfils the mandate of co-ordinating with the Railway Department for strengthening the existing railway lines, laying new lines, doubling of railway lines and gauge conversion in the State.

  • This Department is trying to achieve No.1 position in the Country in bus based public transport in all aspects viz., Total numbers of Buses, Kilometers covered, Passenger Ridership, Occupancy Ratio and Reduction in Accidents etc.,

  • The Public Transport system is the most accessible, affordable mode to commute and facilitates the movement of people locally, within a city, intercity, rural areas and inter-state and also provides first and last mile connectivity.

  • Bus transport provides people with mobility and access to employment, education, medical care, markets, social and recreational activities, transportation of agriculture products for selling in towns/cities etc.

  • Good mobility can become a major booster to economic growth and cause the quality of life to improve.

Vision for the future bus transport system

  • To make bus transportation user friendly, affordable, efficient and to provide last mile connectivity to the general public at affordable fare;

  • To provide bus travel to general public with alternate fuel such as Electric buses, CNG, LNG etc;

  • Introduction of buses enabling easy access for the Differently Abled persons;

  • To deploy Information Technology, Information Technology Enabled Services, Intelligent Transport Systems for online monitoring of buses and deliver of passenger information on a real time basis;

  • To make easy and safe door-to-door journeys, by offering innovative transport 6 solution and decreasing need of private vehicle journeys;

  • With excellent customer service and simple, convenient and easy to use payment options for ticketing;

  • To attain the sustainable development goals for the year 2030.