Arasu Bus

Tamilnadu State Transport Undertakings

தமிழ் வடிவம்

Fare Structure

Type of Service Rate per passenger Kilo Meter (in paise)
Ordinary 58
Express 75
Exp/Sup Deluxe 85
Ultra Deluxe 100
A/C Coaches 130
A/C Volvo Coaches 170
Ghat Road Basic fare of plain + 20% shall be charged from passengers

SETC (Flexi Charge)
Fare for Lean days
Monday to Thursday
Fare for Peak days
Friday to Sunday
Ultra Deluxe Bus with Toilet facility(Classic Bus) 105 115
Air conditionded Sleeper bus 180 200
Non-Air Conditioned Sleeper bus 135 155

Travel Concessions

1. Present and ex-Members of Parliament / Legislative Assembly and exMembers of Legislative Council.

2. Accredited Journalists / Media persons.

3. Freedom Fighters drawing Central / State Pension and Widows and Legalheirs of Freedom Fighters drawing Central / State Pension / Aged Tamil Scholars / Participants in Language stirs and their Legal-heirs.

4. Cancer Patients and Differently-abled persons. (Deaf and dumb, blind, mentally retarded and epileptic patients).

5. Drama Artists.

6. H.I.V. / AIDS patients.

7. Senior Citizen Bus Travel Pass

Fare Concessions

1. 100% free travel concessions to school and college students travel in all buses except SETC buses
• All Schools including Private Schools recognised by the Government (1st Standard – 12th Standard)
• National Child Labour Project
• Government Polytechnics
• Government Industrial Training Institutes
• Government Arts and Science Colleges
• Community colleges
• Government aided private ITIs
• Music colleges
• Chennai Corporation ITI

2. 50% travel concessions to private colleges, private polytechnics, private engineering colleges

3. Exchange of tokens (60 numbers) for college students visiting library

4. Between 2011-2012 to 2019-2020, the Government have sanctioned Rs.5094.35 crore towards reimbursement of Travel Concession passes to students studying in Schools / Colleges / Polytechnics / ITIs etc

5. Travel as you please tickets on monthly basis (Rs.1000) in Madurai, Coimbatore and other Municipal Corporations

6. One third concession bus pass scheme in city/town/mofussil buses

7. 10% discount in SETC buses for 10 or more persons as a group travel